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"It can always be difficult and uncomfortable to open up and be vulnerable, especially with strangers, but the guys behind the team made it so easy. I gained a level of awareness and understanding of how important it is to talk about my mental health."

- Michelle, participant 


It takes a community to create change, and so far we have seen that our community is invested in improving mental health outcomes for all. It will take far more than just the three of us to help spread our message, so we would love for you to become part of the solution. We hope to see you at one of our events. 


Alongside our good mates from 'The Monkey Movement', we have created Embrace. Embrace is a community event that has been designed to emphasis the power of vulnerability and connection. This is provided through connection activities, breath work, meditation and ice baths. These events are held at the beautiful Tanglewood Estate, providing a grounding backdrop that creates a sense of stillness. 


With thanks to LivingWorks Education, we were able to present the opportunity for members of our community to attend a funded Suicide Prevention Course. SafeTALK provides an easy to follow framework that can assist people to approach those who they suspect are having suicidal thoughts. 

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