"Having the Speak & share boys come down and talk to the group was one of the better things the cricket club has been involved in. The boys found it comforting to know they had a room full of people who were willing to listen to their stories and support them with anything they needed, which further enhanced our relationships with each other. We are now a much more united and connected club knowing we all have eachothers back."

- Tyson, BPCC player


For many of us, we grow up and spend a large portion of our life within the four walls of a sporting club. With so much time and energy dedicated, it is inevitable that the cultural norms of the club influence each member's day-to-day life. Therefore, it is vital that your sporting club cultivates an environment for you to feel connected, supported, and valued. 

Through incorporating vulnerability, our program strives to connect your club member's on a personal level, and normalise conversations around mental health. Speak and Share's program will develop the necessary foundations required for a healthy club culture, that looks after teammates both on and off the field and encourages everyone to show up as authentically themselves.